gun control

Stand Your Ground

  By: Justronnie –   The latest rally cry is, “STAND YOUR GROUND”.  It’s your “constitutional right” to protect yourself against any perceived possible threat against your life. Arm yourself with a shotgun or an automatic weapon and take it wherever you go; – to the theatre you never know when some rude son-of-a […]

School Lockdown Plans – Do they work?

I’m convinced that Lock-down procedures, such as it is implemented in our schools today, is a misguided concept that simply does not work. The quote below is from Rory Miller, the author of  “Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training and Real World Violence” “It is better to avoid than to run; better […]

Newtown …not just about guns

Please read: “thinking the unthinkable“ (Originally published at The Anarchist Soccer Mom.) by Liza Long. Liza is an author, musician, and erstwhile classicist. She is also a single mother of four bright, loved children, one of whom has special needs. She gives us a view of her circumstances as well as her anguish and pain. […]