Montsanto Inflating Shrimp with CMC

Vietnam is one of the top 5 exporters of shrimp, and one of the members of the TPP aka Trans-Pacific Partnership. We must stop the TPP during the Lame Duck Congress #NoLameDuck Register: Stop this #NAFTAonSteroids Invite Friends to #StopTPP: Companies in Vietnam inject substances to shrimp in order to increase sales. We […]

Stand Your Ground

  By: Justronnie –   The latest rally cry is, “STAND YOUR GROUND”.  It’s your “constitutional right” to protect yourself against any perceived possible threat against your life. Arm yourself with a shotgun or an automatic weapon and take it wherever you go; – to the theatre you never know when some rude son-of-a […]

California Drought Is At The Tipping Point

As the green state turns brown, Californians are barely cutting their water consumption. Calif. is now in its third straight year of drought conditions, and this year is the driest year on record, dating back 119 years. Reservoirs throughout the state are at dangerously low water levels. June 20, 2014 By Todd Woody Todd Woody is TakePart’s […]

Whittelsey: Leave the leaf blower obsession behind

Reprinted with permission Originally published: NEWSDAY September 28, 2012 6:24 PM Updated: September 30, 2012 2:49 PM By FRANCES CERRA WHITTELSEY Photo credit: TMS illustration by Mark Weber“It’s as if someone has declared a new standard for suburban landscapes,” writes Frances Cerra Whittelsey. “No leaves allowed.”October has arrived, and with it crisp temperatures, swirling leaves […]