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Save Trees Over More Pavement

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police brutality
Who’s the criminal?

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Seems like every other day I read about NYPD cops acting like armed thugs wasting time, energy and taxpayer dollars by spending their working hours making big-time arrests like this. Are they too intimidated by real criminals that they need to hide out underground looking for an excuse, despite the fact that they know it’s illegal, to harass a guy playing guitar? This cop acted like a pit bull fixated on attacking a kitten. Where is the accountability and oversight that might help redirect his crime fighting efforts? To whom does this overweight, belligerent ego crippled cop-bully report? What do his superiors think about his huge bust? And more important, what do they think about the inevitable lawsuit for assault that will follow.

This is the law:  “Except as expressly permitted in this subdivision, no person shall engage in any nontransit uses upon any facility or conveyance. Nontransit uses are noncommercial activities that are not directly related to the use of a facility or conveyance for transportation. The following nontransit uses are permitted by the Authority, provided they do not impede transit activities and they are conducted in accordance with these rules: public speaking; campaigning; leafletting or distribution of written noncommercial materials; activities intended to encourage and facilitate voter registration; artistic performances, including the acceptance of donations”

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/nypd-assault-arrest-subway-musician-reading-broke-law/#vCZtsVJydkejOR6b.99

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Stand Your Ground


justronnie website pic2

By: Justronnie – www.justronnie.com


The latest rally cry is, “STAND YOUR GROUND”.  It’s your “constitutional right” to protect yourself against any perceived possible threat against your life. Arm yourself with a shotgun or an automatic weapon and take it wherever you go;

– to the theatre
you never know when some rude son-of-a bitch will  totally disrespect your right to hear the half hour of advertisements and coming attractions and then tell you to go f#@k  yourself when you order him, or her, to put away their damn cellphone;

– to the fast food restaurant { you don’t feel threatened by the pink slime in the burgers or French fries that never decompose, thank goodness. Imagine how silly you would look shooting up a table of food!}.

– By all means you must be armed at the grocery or retail store when you shop. Those cashiers can be so slow and rude. They have the nerve to tell you that the item you thought was on sale is the wrong size. WTF?!  Then the idiots in the store bump into you with their carts and block the aisles taking forever to pick the damn cereal or whatever! Don’t read the frickin’ label, just take one! You could have a stroke or heart attack  because of these dumb asses. They totally are a threat to your well being.

But Monsanto, who daily pours toxins into the ground, the food, water, and air are your friends. They are big business. They provide jobs and “trickle-down” economics. However, the money flows from their poisonous GMO seeds and pesticides. Farmers have, and are being sued for using heirloom seeds. They lose their farms to Monsanto because stray seeds grew and products they never bought mysteriously end up on their farms in their soil and crops.

Additionally, poor countries, like El Salvador, who refuses to be poisoned by these toxins are being threatened with no longer receiving U.S. aid.
Farmers in countries like India who cannot afford to say no end up committing suicide.
Too many people in this country are struggling, or ignorant and some are just haters. Maybe watching very wealthy people and your government commit incredulously  selfish, destructive, heartless acts of betrayal makes them callous, hopeless, and desperate.

Europe, Australia, and countries that cannot be blackmailed have banned Monsanto -because they can. They see the threat against their lives and have cried out, “STAND YOUR GROUND!”


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Florida Cops Pry into Man’s Records more than 200 Times because he Refuses to Stop Recording them

keep the wheels turning and the camera recording in Florida

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California Drought Is At The Tipping Point

As the green state turns brown, Californians are barely cutting their water consumption.

Calif. is now in its third straight year of drought conditions, and this year is the driest year on record, dating back 119 years.

Reservoirs throughout the state are at dangerously low water levels.


June 20, 2014 

Todd Woody is TakePart’s senior editor for Environment and Wildlife.

How bad is California’s devastating drought? Just in the past week, the percentage of the state identified as being in “exceptional drought”—the most severe category—jumped from a quarter to a third.

The government-funded United States Drought Monitor classifies the entire state as in drought, and as of Tuesday, nearly 77 percent of California was in “extreme drought,” which is just one notch below exceptional drought.

Here’s a map of California’s drought-afflicted areas as of June 10.

California’s drought-afflicted areas as of June 10

Here’s the map as of June 17.


California’s drought-afflicted areas as of June 17

This map from June 2013 looks deceptively reassuring—no red spots!—but even a year ago, nearly the entire state was experiencing moderate to extreme drought.

Via: TakePart.com
California’s drought-afflicted areas as of June 17
Via: TakePart.com


California topped the U.S. with 70 percent of its range land and pastures rated in very poor to poor condition on June 1,” stated a June 5 report from the Drought Monitor.

So, Californians must be emptying swimming pools, letting their lawns go brown, and forgoing flushing their toilets, right?

Not quite. While farmers have seen their irrigation allotments from state and federal water projects cut to near zero, coastal Californians seem oblivious to the browning of their proudly green state.

Gov. Jerry Brown in January asked Californians to cut their water consumption by 20 percent, a request roundly ignored. Water use fell just 5 percent between January and May, according to a state survey, while water consumption in the environmentally conscious San Francisco Bay Area declined only 2 percent.

It’s not as if Californians don’t know the drought drill: short showers, no car washing, and, yes, don’t flush that toilet every time. Landscaping is one of the biggest water hogs, so rip out the lawn and replace it with native and drought-tolerant plants.

 Local water district is even paying customersto de-suburbanize my Berkeley backyard, though the subsidy appears to be little known.

But as the drought intensifies, a crackdown is looming. Santa Cruz County recently imposed mandatory water restrictions, and the state is considering doing the same.

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So Steve King wants to duel Chuck Schumer

Steve King challenges Chuck Schumer to a duel

So that looks like a win win.

funny gifs

Steve says: “If we’re going to have some kind of a challenge of rhetoric bouncing back between the House and Senate, let’s do it face to face,” King said on the House floor. “Let’s do it eye to eye. Let’s have that duel, not like Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton — but I would be the one standing on the high ground on that. But let’s do it like real men do it today. Not dueling pistols at 50 paces, let’s do this with microphones within arm’s reach.”

Chuck says: When @SteveKingIA lets the House debate comprehensive #immigration reform on the floor, I’ll happily debate him. -cs

I say they should consider using AR 15’s .and make it really interesting.

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