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Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes

Lower Cognitive Ability Predicts Greater Prejudice Through Right-Wing Ideology and Low Intergroup Contact.  Gordon Hodson and Michael A. Busseri – Brock University Despite their important implications for interpersonal behaviors and relations, cognitive abilities have been largely ignored as explanations of prejudice. We proposed and tested mediation models in which lower cognitive ability predicts greater prejudice, […]

Mike Huckabee threatens actual war on women … with troops to stop abortions

http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/aug/01/mike-huckabee-end-abortion-military-intervention Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show and a founder of Lady Parts Justice, said: “Mike Huckabee wants to drive a tank into your vagina, so that’s a thing.” “Well, we did say they’d stop at nothing,” tweeted Planned Parenthood, which Republicans are trying to de-fund  again.

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Oliver Stone hammers Obama’s ‘lack of spine’

Oliver Stone hammers Obama’s ‘lack of spine’ on military issues: ‘He’s a weak man’ (via Raw Story ) During a Saturday panel at the 2014 Students For Liberty Conference entitled “Imperial Overreach and the National Security State,” journalist Jeremy Scahill and director Olive Stone hammered president Obama for abandoning the progressive principles…

Fire Them All and Start Over

Jessie Ventura, whatever you may think of him, has some interesting ideas: He suggests we vote out all congressional democrats and republicans in the next election and replace them with independents – End domination of the US government by the two parties and a corrupt system of bribery. ….same for the presidency. I like it! […]

Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s “Pity the Nation”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s “Pity the Nation” Pity the nation whose people are sheep, and whose shepherds mislead them. Pity the nation whose leaders are liars, whose sages are silenced, and whose bigots haunt the airwaves. Pity the nation that raises not its voice, except to praise conquerors and acclaim the bully as hero and aims to […]